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We are part of Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company headquartered in Sweden.

Our purpose is to break barriers to wellbeing. And menopause is the next barrier we are eager to break.

Medical Advice

Medical Advice

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You are not alone

You are not alone

Join our forums to read and share experiences around menopause. Learn how to manage symptoms and discover helpful tips from other women like you.


Learning together

Learning about menopause can feel overwhelming. At Issviva we want to support you with advice and resources so you’re equipped to navigate this new stage of life.  Take our short quiz so we can recommend the right blog articles that fit your needs!


What is vaginitis and why is it related to menopause?
You mayhave heard about Vaginitis. This condition, also known as vulvovaginitis,...
Healthy Lifestyle: How to keep healthy during menopause?
There are many changes in women´s bodies along with the transition...
Tips to prevent hair loss during menopause
Have you noticed that your losing a lot of hair when...
How to achieve a female orgasm in menopause?
Did you know that the female orgasm involves over 8,000 nerve...

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